Weigh in Wednesday: Week 1

Here's the first of the dreaded weigh in results. 

This week's loss: .4 lbs.
Total lost: .4 lbs.
Total left to lose: 69.6 lbs.

That totally sucks doesn't it? I actually went to the gym four times since last Wednesday which for me is HUGE. One of those days was to try out Zumba which TOTALLY kicked my butt! I'm planning to go back and keep it up since it's such a good cardio workout. I obviously didn't work out hard enough to really lose anything, but at the same time, I didn't really change my eating habits a whole lot either. Of course the cupcake my husband brought home last night definitely didn't help. Hopefully next week's results will be higher!!! I know I'll be pushing myself that much harder this week!


  1. Sometimes when you work out a lot your body holds on to weight, even though your shape could change. Drink lots and lots and lots of water. Good luck!

  2. you did great...you don't wanna lose too much too fast..just lose it consistently!!!i'm proud of you...keep it up Stephalicious :D

  3. Hey Steph... doctors say losing no more than 2 lbs a week is best. Helps your body rebound properly and Keep the weight off more easily! you are off to a really great start!!!! Don't fret you will get there!

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