Days After Snow

I don't really have too much to post about, but I still feel like talking.

I babysat for a friend today, and although I meant to get pictures, I couldn't because the poor thing slept in my arms the whole time. But that's okay because it made it an easy visit for me!

I figured out how to deal with the neighbor's vehicles getting in the way of my fave shot out front! Move over...DUH!!! It's all about angles, Stephie. I felt really dumb after I figured that out, but it's all about trial and error, right???

Here's a couple of my "day after snow" shots!

Like my orange coat? Yeah, we're HUGE Auburn fans in this household. WAR EAGLE!!!

Yep! I persuaded my man to go outside and take advantage of my new found favorite shot EVER! We had a few misunderstandings about the whole thing that involved my thinking he was trying to take over/tell me what to do followed by my crying because of. We straightened it all out though. 

Had a good laugh during all of this because the mail man showed up while we had the timer set!!! Haha!

I should've asked him to pose with us. 

I've been thinking about the whole "getting healthy" thing. I have many reasons for doing so, so I'm considering doing a weekly post to the tune of "Weigh In Wednesdays" or something to that effect. That'll start this coming week most likely.

In other news...umm...I don't think I have any other news. Until next time!


  1. Send me some snow. Your pictures make it look so pretty and peaceful.

  2. I wish I could!!! It's very peaceful while it's falling. I wish I could figure out how to photograph the actually flakes falling. It's on my to do list.