oh whistle while you work

Or in my case, take too many breaks from cleaning the house to creep the blog scene. Hmm...

In any case, we're forecasted for more snow this week. From what I hear we could get anywhere from 8-12 inches!!! I'm pretty sure that's considered a blizzard around these parts. And I'm sorry for those of you who see this as being a problem. I know you all have your jobs, obligations, etc. Call me weird, but if you can't get over all of that and enjoy, there's something wrong. Maybe it's because I'm a born and bred Floridian that makes all of this snow so wonderful, but considering I've been living in this current location for over three years, and this is the first year I've really enjoyed the snow, I wouldn't bet on it.  

Anyhow, taxes are filed. Returns are on their way. Guess what we're doing with ours??? Any takers...?

Well, after three years of wonderful marital bliss, we will finally own a dining table! I know to some of you this may not be a big deal, but when you've been using this...

...to hold your plate for three years, it's LONG overdue. So which gorgeous piece of goodness have we chosen? This beauty!

She comes from the same collection as our media center and two bookshelves (which we will also be getting two more of with this tax refund since the book situation is kinda crazy) so she will match beautifully with the rest of our living area! She's a tall thing compared to normal tables, but we like that since it'll keep the four legged ones away from all of our yummy treats. For now we're only getting enough seats for six, but no worries, she's expandable!

We would go ahead and get all eight seats, but we do have other things we'd like to do with our tax $$$, so for now six will do. Plus we figured that we'd wait to see how she fits in our space and also, to get the last two we'd only be spending $20 dollars more than to get them with the set. Normally I'd freak out about that $20, but I digress...


  1. i think 6 is plenty! we have 4 and we push our table up to our window seat and pull our bar stools over lol!

  2. For now six IS plenty, but we definitely want alot of children, and his neices and nephew may come live with us in the next year or so...Plus if all of his family ever decided to come visit at the same time we'd need the room.

    Not to mention my weirdness about symmetry. Ever watch "Monk"...yeah